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Media & Public Relation

For SME Owners, every single amount of investment has to go a long way. Getting journalists and influencers to write about your business won’t cost you a lot of money but more in time. By doing PR, you’re continually working on building trust and credibility for your brand without spending too many marketing expenses. Even better, word-of-mouth recommendations and organic buzz influences more potential customers to visit and talk about your business. By getting others to consistently bring up your name in a positive context – be it influencers, journalists, happy customers, and even employees – will undoubtedly make your business grow in the long run

It’s more effective than advertising

Earned publicity – be it word-of-mouth, customer testimonials or editorial media coverage – merely is more trusted than advertising. According to a Nielsen study, PR is 90% more effective than advertising in influencing consumers. That being said getting a favorable mention of your brand, which is earned and not paid, holds much more weight than an ad.